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See how often a word occurs in the corpus

A simple way of seeing the frequency of an item in the corpus is to use the Word Query option. You can also use the Quick Query option or the Simple Search function on the BNC website.

Quick query

  1. Make a search using the Quick Query box in Xaira.
  2. If the number of hits is larger than the download default, a box will pop up, giving the total number of hits and options for what to display. If the results are displayed on the screen, you can find the total number of hits in the bottom ruler of the Xaira window, following the : (so 3:25(7) means that there are 25 hits in seven texts and the one currently displayed/highlighted is number 3).

Word Query

  1. Click on the Word Query icon (or use the File menu New Query and then Word). The Word Query window opens.
  2. Type your word in the empty box at the top and the click Lookup.
  3. A list of words that begin with the string you have entered appears in the middle box. There you can see the frequency of each of them.
  4. Click on one of the words and then click Query to make a search for that item (use ctrl+click to select more than one).

BNC Simple Search

  1. Go to the BNC Simple Search webpage or the BNC start page.
  2. Type in your phrase or word in the search box and press enter. A list of up to 50 examples of your word/phrase is displayed.
  3. At the top of the list you can see the total number of occurrences of the word/phrase in the corpus.

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