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Display results as a chart

Through the Analysis function, Xaira will allow you to display your search results as a graph: either a pie chart or bar chart.
  1. Make a search using your preferred method. Download at least one hit (note that your can base your analysis on all hits even if you download only one at this stage)
  2. Click on the Analysis button (shaped like a pie chart) or use the Query menu to activate the Analysis function. The Analysis window opens.
  3. Select the category you wish to use as the basis for the analysis from the Partition drop-down box. The choices available are controlled by what partitions you have activated (see the Xaira Reference Guide for details).
  4. Make sure the tick-box in front of Downloads only is clear if you want to base the analysis on all hits (tick the box to base the analysis on downloaded hits only).
  5. Select the type of chart you want by ticking the relevant box at the bottom of the Analysis window: Pie chart or Bar chart.
The table above the chart provides frequency information. You can save the chart and related information by using the Listing in the Analysis window:

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