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Displaying solutions

Once you have made a search and downloaded the result, you can view your solutions (also called hits) in two ways:
Page mode
This allows you to see one hit at the time. To see the next example, use the 'page down' button.
Line mode
This displays all solutions, with the search term in the centre. Also called Concordance or KWIC (key-word in context) view.
To change between page mode and line mode, just click on the button featuring a small blue square with lines, which you can find on the toolbar. To change how the hits are displayed (format and amount of context), use the Scope options on your Format toolbar (if you cannot see the Scope options, select the View followed by Toolbars option on the toolbar and tick Formatin the list that appears).
  • Select Plain, XML or BNC to choose between plain text, XML, or the BNC format (which shows you some of the annotation).
  • Increase the amount of context displayed by increasing the number in the Scope box.
To see more context than what can be displayed in the page or line mode, you can browse the text:
  • Click on the bibliographic data button (featuring lines and a small, red circle) or use the Query menu (choose Query->Source). The Source Description box pops up, giving you bibliographic information about the text.
  • Click on Browse and the tex opens up showing you the place where your hit is found. You can read the whole text (with the header at the top) by scrolling up or down.

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