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Search by POS-tag (attribute values)

The Addkey-query option will allow you to search for attribute values, such as part-of-speech tags. This means you can find all prepositions, adjectives, modal verbs, etc without without specifying the word to which they are attached (this feature is not available in SARA).
  1. From the File menu, choose New query and then Addkey (or click on the Addkey icon marked ?). The Addkey window opens.
  2. Tick the box in front of Any and click on the Refresh button. A list appears in the Key valuebox in your window.
  3. Click on the POS-tag(s) you want in the list (you can select more than one item by pressing the Ctrl while you click).
  4. Click the OK button to execute the query and see all instances of this particular tag.
If you want to find instances of a word/phrase followed by a POS tag (or vice versa), use the Query Builder function. Select Next as the Link type for the link connecting the two content nodes (see the Xaira help files for further instructions).

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