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Installing on PC

The installation procedure will take at least 30 minutes and may take considerably longer depending on your hardware configuration. Take care not to interrupt the process.

  1. Insert the first DVD. After a short while, a text box appears, asking you to confirm that you wish to install the corpus. Click OK

    Start installation process

  2. You are asked to select or create a folder in which the corpus is to be installed. We recommend you to create a folder called BNC-XML in your root directory but the name is unimportant. PLEASE NOTE: if the name of the folder or any of the directories above it contains non-ASCII characters (such as Japanese or Chinese characters), you may not be able to start the Xaira program later. Please choose a different location (such as directly under C:\) to avoid this problem.
    Choose folder

  3. The BNC XML Edition licence page appears. Read the licence and click YES to confirm that you accept its terms and conditions, or NO if you do not (if you click NO, the installation process is abandoned).
    Accept licence

  4. When the BNC XML Edition 'Welcome' screen appears, click on the Install corpus button.
    Welcome screen

  5. You are then asked to confirm that you want to install the corpus to the selected directory. Check and click 'OK' if correct.
    Accept installation

  6. A small window will appear as the corpus files are being extracted from the DVD and installed. Do not close this or interrupt the process. This will take a long time - up to 30 minutes.
    Files being extracted

  7. A prompt will appear when installation of the corpus is complete.
    Corpus installation complete

  8. If you don't intend to use XAIRA you can now quit the installation procedure.
    If you want to use XAIRA, click on the Install XAIRA button on the Welcome screento continue.
    Welcome screen

  9. You will see text prompt asking you to confirm that you want to install Xaira to the chosen directory. Click Yes to start extracting the Xaira index files and installing the program.

  10. Unpacking all the index files for XAIRA takes a long time, during which nothing appears on the screen. At one point in the process, you will be prompted to insert the second DVD disk (unless it is already in a drive). Wait a few seconds after inserting the disk before you press Yes.

  11. When the process has finished, the Welcome to the Xaira Setup Wizard appears on the screen. Click Next to start the installation process
    Xaira Wizard1

  12. Select where to install the program and click Next to continue
    Xaira Wizard2

  13. Click Next to perform the installation.
    Xaira Wizard3

  14. You will see a progress bar as the program is being installed
    Progress bar

  15. A pop-up window will tell you when the installation is complete. Click Close to exit.
    Installation complete


A file called bnc-install.log is created on your desktop during installation. This will contain information about the progress of the installation procedure. This might help you to identify the problem.

Start using

When the installation is complete, you should have a folder called BNC-XML (or whatever name you gave it at the beginning of the installation) on your machine. It should contain 7 folders and 5 files.
BNC-XML folder content

To start using the corpus, click on the bnc-xml.xcorpus file in your BNC-XML directory. (You can create a short-cut to this file to put on your desktop).

For information about how to use the BNC XML Edition with Xaira, try one of the following resources:
The 'Using the BNC XML Edition with Xaira' page
The page contains descriptions of some sample searches. Use them to explore the corpus and its annotation or as a basis for your own searches.
Xaira help files
The Xaira program has an extensive set of help files. Use the Help menu or simply press the F1 key at any time to access the help files.
Using Xaira under Windows: Reference Guide to the Windows Client
This Xaira manual contains detailed information about the functions of the program.
Xaira page
The Xaira webpage contains more information about the program and links to documentation, exercises and latest download version.
Using BNC XML for English language study
The page offers some suggestions about how you can use the corpus for English language teaching and learning

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