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Installing BNC XML Edition

These instructions will describe how to install the BNC XML Edition and the Xaira software. Please note the distinction between the BNC XML Edition corpus (a set of 4,000+ text files in XML format) and the Xaira software (a tool which you can use to search the corpus). You can use the corpus files with any tool that handles XML (such as various concordances, text editors or web browsers). You can also use the Xaira software with other corpora or texts in well-formed XML if you pre-process (index) these first. Xaira is free software, and is not supported by IT Services at the University of Oxford.

The instructions here will first describe how you install the corpus texts on your local PC, and how you install the Xaira client and indexes. Information about how to install the Xaira server on Linux and OS X machines is provided in a separate non-Windows section.

If you want to see or print the whole installation document, use the links at the bottom of the page (Style: Single file | Normal | PDF)


  • Free space: to install the corpus you need 9 Gb of free diskspace, of which 5 will be deleted at the end of the install. To install the Xaira indexes you will need an additional 5 Gb.
  • The installation procedure must be run with Administrator Privileges.
  • The installation procedure has been tested under Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It is not recommended for earlier Windows versions.

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