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New BNC server. Problems accessing your account?

Ever since its launch, the BNC Online service has been generously hosted by the British Library under its Initiatives for Access Programme.

In January 2010, this service migrated to a new server, using the latest version of XAIRA to access BNC-XML. The BNC Simple Search facility is now provided by this server. Later in 2010, the Simple Search facility will be complemented by a new free service providing many more features, which will be accessible from any web browser.

Please note however that following withdrawal of support for the SARA program during 2009, from January 2010, the BL server will no longer offer a SARA service. If you are still using the SARA subscription service, you will need to install the new XAIRA software to access the new BL server. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this causes you problems.

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