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Obtaining the BNC

BNC-XML, BNC Baby and the BNC Sampler are available for download for free from the Oxford Text Archive.

All BNC products are distributed under a user licence (also available in pdf-format). Please read it carefully before ordering.

Please note that the University of Oxford no longer distributes the free Xaira software, and we cannot offer support for the installation or use of Xaira.

If you do not have corpus analysis software available to use with the BNC, you might wish to consider using one of the online services which are available, in preference to obtaining your own licence and copy of the corpus. The British Library offers a free Simple Search service where users can search the corpus and see how often a word/phrase occurs. Up to 50 hits are displayed.

There are also online services available to query the BNC at the following locations:

The BNC World edition is no longer available.

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