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Using BNC XML and Xaira

For information about how to use the BNC XML Edition with Xaira, try one of the following resources:
The 'Using the BNC XML Edition with Xaira' page
The page contains descriptions of some sample searches. Use them to explore the corpus and its annotation or as a basis for your own searches.
Xaira help files
The Xaira program has an extensive set of help files. Use the Help menu or simply press the F1 key at any time to access the help files.
Using Xaira under Windows: Reference Guide to the Windows Client
This Xaira manual contains detailed information about the functions of the program.
Xaira page
The Xaira webpage contains more information about the program and links to documentation, exercises and latest download version.
Using BNC XML for English language study
The page offers some suggestions about how you can use the corpus for English language teaching and learning

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