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Permissions Clearance

Oxford University Press was responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for the bulk of the material included in the BNC, in collaboration with Longmans. Early on in the Project a standard procedure was decided upon, in consultation with the Society of Authors, the Publishers Association and other interested parties.

This approach was necessary because of the high costs of licensing individual agreements for each of the 3000 or more copyright texts in the corpus.

Some important features of the standard procedure are listed below:
  • the rights owners agreed to allow their material to be included free of licensing charges
  • the project agreed that the corpus itself would not be exploited commercially
  • the project agreed that copies of the corpus would only be made available under the terms of a standard licence agreement
  • the project agreed that no text would be included in the corpus in its entirety
The standard user licence resulted from this approval and was agreed with all the rights owners (also available in pdf-format).

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